Sexy Stats: Analytics @ Melbourne Games Week

A real highlight of Melbourne International Games Week 2016 for me was Sexy Stats – a panel I produced and hosted in the Dropbear Theatre. Who would have thought that an analytics panel could pack out a whole theatre?!  We had a wonderful audience who created their own impromptu mobile game which the panelists were then challenged to build into a data-driven success.

From the PAX Aus program:

“Analytics” is a scary word, but data can be beautiful once you get to know it! What kind of information gets collected when you play games or engage with games online? How do developers use it to improve their games, or sell more units? Our panel of developers, social media managers and marketers break down the analytics beast to basics for devs and players alike. Never fear – no calculators needed.


Devin Connors [Psyonix], Kelsey Gamble [Kelsey Gamble Consulting], Adam Matthews [Hammerfall Publishing], Ally McLean [Plastic Wax]



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