The Great Debate 2016: Is VR Better Than Real Life?

One of the absolute joys of 2016 for me was producing The Great Debate at PAX Aus as part of Melbourne Games Week.

In “The Year of VR”, do we have any reason to leave our homes? Is sitting on a virtual beach watching the sunset from the sand-free comfort of your couch better than experiencing the Real Thing? Two teams of comedians, game developers, scientists and journalists are thrown into a PAX Aus Battle Royale to determine the truth – Is VR better than real life?


Eve Beauregard [Producer, Plastic Wax], Dr Alan Duffy [Astrophysicist, Swinburne University], Lucy O’Brien [Entertainment Editor, IGN], Jordan Raskopoulos [Comedian, Axis of Awesome], Mark Serrels [Managing Editor, Allure Media], Lawrence Leung [Actor/Screenwriter, Offspring, Nerds in Love, Sucker]

You can watch the whole show here!


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