GCAP Fireside Chat: Kim McAuliffe

I was approached by GCAP to host a Fireside Chat at the 2016 conference with Kim McAuliffe.

Kim was fascinating to speak to, as an award winning game designer with an incredibly diverse career, her measured and thoughtful responses were invaluable to anyone with a love of making games and a desire to make the industry a better space to work.

My favourite section of the chat involved actual real life mountain lions!

It was particularly touching to hear Kim discuss her recent game The Mirror.

The Mirror is a metaphorical role-playing game about self-image, reflections, and reality. The player adventures through multiple lives shaped by the stat-generation of a magic Mirror – but can the surface reflection of a Mirror really reveal the internal measure of an adventurer’s talents and destiny?

The message of empowerment and body positivity is powerfully communicated through gameplay and interactive storytelling, connecting with people more deeply than non-interactive media.

You can follow Kim on Twitter, and check out her studio Games to Love.


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