Hey! I’m sometimes Eve Beauregard, and sometimes Ally McLean.

Full time, though, I love building things from the ground up. I come from an influencer/content creator background, starting my own business before I graduated high school and going on to build it up as one of the pioneers of the professional cosplay space. Since then, I’ve worked as a photographer, a social media manager, a marketing manager, a producer… one time it was my job to sit on a giant unicorn for a weekend.

Currently, I’m working full time in game development. I’m the Project Lead of Robot House – an indie game studio in Sydney making original content games.

I try to update this website as often as I can find time to with my new work endeavours and creative efforts. If you’re more interested in what I had for lunch, you can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Keen to endorse my pizza skills? You can also find me on LinkedIn.

I’m always open to collaborations with other creatives, and working with brands on awesome sponsored content (if the fit is right – diet supplements and alcohol brands please move right along). If this is you, feel free to shoot me an email.


For hosting, modelling, pop culture work: evebeauregardofficial@gmail.com

For Hammerfall and Robot House: ally@hammerfallpublishing.com


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